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Warranty Information


The warranty of the products is 3 years, except consumables, welding (tips, resistances, etc.), among other consumer / wear products to which we do not accept any type of claim / return….

Delivery of Damaged Products under Warranty or Returns ??

The cost of delivery of the product is the responsibility of the customer. Before sending defective items, the customer must fill in the form containing the product malfunction. Orders that are not sent by registered mail to our premises will not be accepted and will be returned to the sender. The delivery of the product after repairing and confirming the warranty condition, is delivered with the next order or else we send immediately with customer acceptance, with the costs at your expense.

Void Warranty?

We do not give any warranty, nor are we responsible for equipment damaged by poor handling, installation or configuration. Any change to the original product also voids the warranty.


We do not refund the money under any circumstances. We will only give a credit note to discount on purchases at our store.