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Terms & Conditions

Orders will be shipped within 24h to 48h, except for stock outages, special orders or items with special delivery time. Shipping is always done in order of arrival of orders. If you want to change any material in the order you must contact us to proceed with the order change. If the order is still in our premises, we will proceed to change it. In case the order is incomplete due to out of stock, we will contact you in order to change with another product or else the amount will be credited for a next order. Orders placed that are not paid within 48 hours cannot guarantee their stock, since the material reservation is only valid during the first 48 hours after purchase. At any time, if you have any questions regarding your order contact us at
  • Stock

Inventory errors may occur in the Inventory. You must confirm the availability of any product before going to Mexaflur Eletrónica.

  • Product Images

Due to possible changes by the suppliers or manufacturers of the products, the images on the website may not correspond exactly to the actual product, keeping its characteristics constant.


  • What is the carrier and how long does delivery take?

Transport is carried out through our carriers, seur, CTT express or Chronopost. Deliveries are made until 7 pm on the business day following the date of dispatch to mainland Portugal.

  • What is the deadline?

The products are supplied within the deadlines mentioned on the Site. Situations are excluded, namely, immediate disruptions to any reference (s) or possible failures in the transport companies.

Orders placed through the delivery of postage can take 3 to 5 days to be shipped from our warehouse, for urgent deliveries you can choose to send by registered mail (Expesso).

Collection shipping requires prepayment of shipping costs of 13€ (fixed amount), for this method there is no offer of shipping, regardless of the purchase amount.

  • What happens if the item arrives damaged?

All articles are packed with the utmost care and protected in boxes by air and paper bags. If you notice that the packaging is damaged as well as without being strapped, you should contact us immediately and we will try to tell you what procedures to have together with the carrier’s courier.

However, after accepting the order and during the opening of the order, if you detect any damage caused by transport, you will have to contact us via email immediately (on the day of delivery) in detail with a description of the damage and proof photos, in this case of the products in question. concerned, the box together with the shipping / carrier identification label and essentially our used packaging.

In case of not complying with this process, we decline any responsibility.

  • What is the price of transportation?

The value of the transport is 5 euros plus 1 euro of registered mail insurance for orders up to 25KG and 10 euros for shipments over 25KG.

  • What are the payment options?

Your order can be paid by MB Services Payment (Entity, Reference and Amount), bank transfer with sending proof of delivery (in this modality the order will only be dispatched after receipt of the amount in the bank account) or by Paypal (this modality has an extra fee for each order)

The advantage of Payment Services MB is that you do not need to send proof of payment and the amount is immediately available to send your order.

For orders to be collected and paid at our stores, we only accept payment by cash or ATM.


Below are the terms of the legal agreement between the Client and Mexaflur Eletrónica. When accessing, browsing and using our online store (, the Customer acknowledges that he has read, understood and complies with our Conditions of Use.

For distance purchases (online and receivable at the address via the carrier), Portuguese law establishes a 14-day period for the consumer (commonly known as the reflection period) after the invoice date, during which you can return the item (s) ( s) without the need to indicate a reason. The articles must be in their original packaging, sealed and without any signs of use.

In cases of free Contract Resolution, the return shipping costs are borne by the consumer, as stipulated in no. 2 of article 13 of Decree-Law no. 24/2014, of 14 February.

For purchases made directly in commercial space, contrary to what happens with distance purchases, Portuguese Law does not establish the obligation of the selling company (Mexaflur Eletrónica) to accept the Contract Resolution (Return) if this article is in compliance, in this case, we only accept exchanges / returns when presenting a product with manufacturing defect.

Note: Collection of orders in the commercial space resulting from reservations or purchases previously made through the Online Store (payment in physical store), the legislation that governs purchases made directly in the commercial space will be applied, thus not counting as a purchase made at a distance.

Conditions for accepting returns / exchanges:


Although returns / exchanges are accepted within the first 14 days of distance purchases (as described above), returned goods will only be accepted if they meet the following conditions:

  • The returned item must be intact and without any mark / damage from use.
  • You must return the item along with its packaging, manuals and immaculate accessories.
  • Together with the returned item, you will have to attach the invoice containing the same item.

In case of violation of any of these points, we will not be able to accept the return (and the consequent refund) or exchange.

Products NOT accepted for Returns / Exchanges:


Except for technical anomaly, there are articles that by their nature cannot be accepted for returns / exchanges.

  • Headset / headphones / headsets, batteries, batteries, memory cards, external disks, semiconductors, line transformers, laser optics, welding, consumables / wear products or software are not accepted.
  • Exchanges or returns of smartphones, smartwatchs or tablets that have broken brand packaging are not accepted.

SPECIAL CUSTOMER REQUEST: After ordering a product(s) from the supplier(s) at the special request of a customer, Mexaflur Eletrónica is not responsible for the non-satisfaction of the product(s) as it automatically refuses to return it, since that there was information / acceptance / agreement on the characteristics / specifications of the product(s).

Returns refund methods:

Mexaflur Eletrónica does not make any kind of refund of monetary value, all refunds are through credit notes.

To start the return or exchange process you will have to fill in the RMA form, after filling in the form you can send all the items to our premises Rua 8 de Setembro nº20, 2810-264 Almada, with the postage being the responsibility of the buyer .

What is NOT covered by the WARRANTY?


The cost of shipping the defective product (s).
Damage caused by misuse or abuse.
Damage caused by transport outside the original packaging.
Damage caused by poor protection of equipment.
Equipment opened by entities outside Mexaflur Eletrónica.
Equipment that has undergone attempts to repair, or even repair, outside of our assistance services.

That said, Mexaflur Eletrónica does not offer a guarantee, nor is it responsible for equipment damaged by poor handling, installation or configuration. Any change to the original product also voids the warranty.



The articles sold by Mexaflur Eletrónica in its online store and commercial spaces are covered by the legal guarantee regime.

Some products are marked with a warranty period longer than that stipulated by law, which is 2 years. After 2 years, the warranty process will have to be handled directly between the Customer and the Manufacturer;

In case of difficulties in the installation / use of any product, start by making sure that you are following all the instructions contained in the Manufacturer’s Instruction Manuals, namely on the installation and use of the appropriate software. If the problem persists, contact the manufacturer directly or contact our technical department;

  1. In cases of RMA we try to do our best so that your product can be exchanged as soon as possible. new or if the same model no longer exists, a credit note will be issued), with the Client, however, bearing in mind that the process does not depend exclusively on the seller (Mexaflur Eletrónica). All products that enter our RMA facilities are tested and shipped as soon as possible. Thereafter, the process becomes the responsibility of manufacturers and suppliers;

RMA requests are made on the form of the Client’s reserved area. Failure to comply with the procedures described in this section will lead to the return of the product with expenses borne by the Customer;

Please note that any changes to the original product VOID YOUR WARRANTY. For example: removal of stickers with a serial number or other type of label related to the warranty, adulterations caused by VMODS, incorrect installation of sinks in graphics and memories, processors and motherboards with broken / crooked pins, incomplete products, etc. In all these cases the RMA is immediately REFUSED;

The deadline for collecting equipment for repair is 30 days after document registration, otherwise the material is considered abandoned under the terms of article 1267 / 1a of C.Civil, so Mexaflur Eletrónica is no longer responsible for integrity equipment. From the moment that it is considered abandoned, the holder is obliged to pay as a penalty clause the amount of 2.5 Euro for each day of delay in the withdrawal. After 3 years from the date of the respective document and, under article 1299 of the C .Civil, the material will become the property of Mexaflur Eletrónica by way of adverse possession. In case of debt, Mexaflur Eletrónica has the right to retain all material in its facilities until it is fully paid off.

Attention: For merchants (retail) or companies the warranty period is only 1 year.